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Work in a shop near a dungeon supplying adventurers with items before they leave for another shop. Do a good job and you may get promoted! And remember to stay alive, nobody want to end up dead because you fail doing your job.

Dungeon Shop was made for the 2019 Spring #ue4jam: Marketplace Takeover, it was made targeting the category Streamlined (Games under 100MB). It features two type of gameplay challenges that must be completed to be promoted for the company you’re working for.

The main game is the “Story Mode” but there is also two “Endless” mode for the two different challenges, if you want to just keep doing it.

There are 3 different endings in the game that you can get, well, 4 if you include the endless mode, but that one is close to impossible to get (without cheating of course)


  • Items you pick up can be thrown away but you will lose point doing so, another way is to simple return them where you took it, losing 0 points doing so! 
  • If you have problem completing the story mode because you’re losing store reputation to fast, you can open the menu, go into options, game settings and enable the “lazy easy mode”, this will stop you from losing reputation, but customers can still leave if ignored for too long.


Recommended to use xbox/gamepad controller (The image ingame is for keyboard or xbox). It is however fully playable with keyboard!

The option menu is a bit bugged and does not fully work with controller, however the rest of the menus/gameplay is fully supported.


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