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This game is amazing! I love the ambiance and the whole design. This game did the atmosphere perfectly and the whole idea was executed phenomenally. However it was short but still terrifying not knowing is anything lurks in the dark. Worth the play. Thanks to the creators you did an amazing job. I almost forgot to mention the reality shifting, very clever design and made perfectly! 


Just played the game and it´s been awesome so far! Couldn´t finish it in one video but I guess that just gives it more value with the lenght! Or I am just dumb :) But loving it! 

I screwed myself over big time.

It's a pretty cool game! I really like the mechanics behind it and the style of the other dimention is amazing! Everything feels really well done! And the atmosphere was Fantastic! Good job! I only wish there was a little more horror to it. I kept expecting something to pop out at some point and was a little disappointed that never happened, not even something with just the environment. Hope you enjoy the video! 


I enjoyed this game making me figure out what to do instead of blindly following  a compass.

I would have liked more lore snippets... Hopefully in the future? ;)

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Looks very interesting! If you want I can write some music or do some of the sound fx ;)

So the framerate and resolution options don't save. I tried multiple times to set 1080x1920 @ 60fps but it constantly reverted to 4k @ unlimited making it difficult to record at a framerate higher than low 20s.

Firstly I really enjoyed this game thought it was very interesting and I liked the ideas that were used like changing dimensions.

Thanks for your playthrough, this gave us alot to think about and some fixes have already been done.

I really thought that it being hard was good for me cos I hate easy games